Our trip to The Lego House, Legoland and around Billund, Denmark

Our search for an epic lego-filled adventure started when the idea for The Lego House was first published, the building itself was opened more recently in September 2017. We started planning as soon as we knew it was open and planned to visit in April this year.


The Lego House was beyond words and possible the best immersive experience the world has to offer (unless you don’t like Lego, I’d stop reading now!)  It was nothing like you could imagine, other than full of bricks! Kids and adults all building together in various zones of creativity!

I don’t want to spoil any of this awesome experience for anyone but if you’re after a bit of extra information about visiting and about Legoland Billund then you’ve come to the right place!

Before we booked our tickets for both the Legoland Park and The Lego House we had to think about how we would get there. The most regular and cheapest flights to Billund from London are with RyanAir, who fly 3 times a day to and from Denmark. The only catch is they fly from London Stansted and the easiest way to get there is to drive. This is especially true if you want to visit Lego House in a day as the flight out of Stansted is around 7am! Booked in advance these flights can be from as little as £9.99 per way, per person, which is a bargain! The main catch then is paying for a seat next to the person/s you’re travelling with at around an extra £5 per way, per person, taking your flights up to around £15 each way which is still great!  This would apply for hand luggage only so save some room for lots of Lego!


Visiting the Lego House can be easily done in one day, leaving the UK early in the morning and returning later that evening. This is if you don’t wish to stay the night and visit Legoland Billund. Personally given a chance to re-do my trip I would have not visited Legoland just because it is very similar to Windsor and actually for the hassle of staying overnight in Billund was not worth it. It would make a perfect but very long day out with children, big or small or anyone who loves Lego! Flying back in the evening with RyanAir at around 22.30pm, and arriving at around 10am that morning gives you over 12 hours to visit The Lego House. The opening hours vary everyday but most days it is open until 8pm! The Lego House is situated not far from the Airport and there are regular buses taking you direct to the door. The Line 43 bus will take you for around 2DDK each way; the buses even have Legoland/House sign in the front window. We chose not to take the bus and walked to the house instead, it’s not far but for the little amount of money we should have taken the bus!

Staying in Billund was a bit tricky as it was pretty expensive; The Lego Hotel was super expensive although I’m sure an awesome experience. We opted to stay in an AirBnB for a few nights, again rooms/homes nearby were expensive but we found one just outside of Billund which we paid €98 for two nights. This included towels, linen and tea/coffee making facilities. Our hosts were also kind enough to “taxi” us to and from Billund for a very small fee. This is the bonus with staying in an AirBnB they host are always very helpful and can usually be a lot cheaper than surrounding hotels and BnB’s.


There are 4 experience zones to visit in the Lego House each with their own creative ideas and different builds. The building itself is built around the Lego Tree of Life which took 6,316,611 bricks and 24,350 hours to build only. The Lego house is filled with around 25million bricks and it split over 4 levels with so much to see and do. There are also terraces each with different themes and things to do, playgrounds, photo spots, glass floors, bridges and on the very top its shaped like a 6×2 Lego brick! If you find a spare minute you can visit the Lego Library for inspiration or just to browse the many Lego books!


Masterpiece Gallery – Walking up the steps around the Tree of creativity you will find a true tribute to Lego creators, hard work and love made into huge masterpieces and smaller creations all on view in this gallery. Huge Dinosaurs with hatching eggs await you!


History collection – The official Lego History Museum, taking you back to when Lego was invented and the story behind its development. You can also see various Lego collections including the very first Lego set! View TV adverts in the Lego Cinema Room and see original Lego moulds which used to be buried underground so no one could steal them!

Green Zone – Walking down in to the Green zone you are met with the world explorer section, various buildings and creations all with minifigures going about their lives. The longer you look the more you see hiding within the mountains and beaches. We spent a long time searching for different characters and finding all the little extras. You can also explore the minifigures section, creating your own minifigures by digging through the buckets of Lego! Warning: you will spend a lot of time here also! Around the corner is the Story Lab, this is where you can create your very own stop motion Lego Movie. This has got to be one of the coolest parts of the whole house! Luckily the staff limit your time for this or you could be there all day! You can also visit the Duplo Lego City Builder section here, aimed at the younger Lego lover. The link to our stop motion video is below…

Blue Zone – Here you will find the architect city builder section, you can build your own architectural structure and add it to the Lego city. Once added the city changes and people gather around your building over time.  One of the days we visited the staff told us they were trying to recreate the Manhattan skyline and were encouraging people to build with Manhattan as inspiration. You can also try your hand at driving a Lego rescue mission at the Robot Lab, this is where you give your robot controls to complete tasks and rescue crew members frozen in ice! Walking around the corner you will find the Lego Test Driver Section, this is where you can build your own vehicles and drive them of test tracks including a jump through a hoop! There is also an impressive display of vehicles that have been built by visitors. Once again you can visit a Duplo Train Creator section, encouraging younger children to build and play with a Duplo train.


Yellow Zone – The Yellow Zone was, I think the most creative section within the house. It allowed you to build various natural ideas and view other people’s builds. There were four section to this zone, we visited the Critter Creator first as it was pretty busy in this zone. We created our own bugs from buckets of Lego; there was a tree in the middle to display your creations. You could design your own frogs on lillypads and place them on a pond which blew air upwards making them appear to be floating. There were lots of little vibration pads to put your bugs on to make them ‘dance’ and move around, it was encouraged to change the expressions on your critters face to teach that animals have feelings. You could then move onto the Flower Creator section, this is another area where we spent a lot of time making our perfect flowers. It’s a very sweet section as there are a lot of flowers and butterflies on display and some seriously impressive builds! Next to building the flowers is the fish designer, creating a fish from bricks and bringing it to life on a big screen. All the fishes from the day were still swimming on the screens; you could go back later that day and spot your fish. This is also where the Duplo Mood Builder is, encouraging children to learn about different emotions with various Lego faces.


Red Zone – Endless possibilities await you in the red zone, buckets and buckets of Lego allow you the freedom to build whatever you want. Visitor’s imaginations come alive in this section and the best designs are kept to showcase to others! We even went back two days later to see our designs still there. This is where the Lego waterfall is situated; it’s as big as a two story house! There is a creativity section where expert Lego staff are on hand to help you build from various designs, old and new but you are limited to 20minutes. There is also another Dulpo experience here, encouraging children to build with no limits. You can also dive into the Duplo pit of Lego…..


Throughout the building you are encouraged to take pictures of your creations with special Lego cameras. These are dotted all around the building and in each creativity zone. With a simple swipe of your wristband unique to you, you can take pictures and store them to be downloaded later on via the Lego House App. The Lego House app is also pretty cool; it connects to your wristband and shows where you’ve been and which characters you’ve created along the way. You also download all of your Lego House content through the apps so it is recommended to download it. It also contains a map and lots of helpful information.


The Lego House is a whole days experience so you’ll need to stop and eat, even if you have to force yourself to stop building! There is a café where you can buy a ‘Brickaccino’ and snack and two restaurants. One of the restaurants is a gourmet restaurant and can be booked in advance before visiting and the other is the Mini Chef Family Restaurant. We highly recommended the Mini Chef for the unique dining experience it offers, you build your food combinations with bricks and enter them into a table side computer. Watching as the Lego characters create your meal it appears on a track and is presented by Lego robots! The food choices are very large and you can combine lots of different options together! The price is reasonable for what it is and it’s a pretty priceless experience for Lego Lovers like us! There is also a Lego Shop on the bottom floor to buy more Lego and souvenirs.


The Lego House overall is a fantastic experience for anyone of any age, with such a variety of things to do. If you love Lego you can’t get bored! The staff are an crucial asset to the whole experience and are always on hand to help or give you guidance, hints or fun facts about Lego. They also impressively speak a variety of languages! A day’s visit is 229DKK which is equivalent to around £27 but can be purchased online making it slightly cheaper. You can also buy a combined ticket to give you a day’s visit to Legoland Theme Park too.

At the end of your day you are taken through an area where they are making Lego Bricks. What happens next is pretty special and made me all sorts of emotional so I won’t tell you; you’ll have to experience the magic for yourselves!


Whilst visiting Billund you can also see lots of Important Lego buildings such as Lego Head Quarters, although you cannot go inside if you take a walk around it you might get a glimpse inside of one of the windows and see authentic Lego magic! You can also visit Legoland Theme Park Billund which was the first Legoland Park to be built in 1968.


Legoland Theme Park was another good day out whilst we were in Billund, lots to see and do and the original Miniland too. There were lots of rides, photo opportunities and character meet and greets. It was very similar to Legoland Windsor but it had the added effect of being the original park. There are a lot of places to stop for a picnic during the day to save a bit of cash! Although we would highly recommend trying a hotdog or two!


Over the three days we spent in Billund, we ate lots of cakes from the patisserie; spent a day at the original Legoland, tried a lot of great tasting hotdogs, spent some quality time off of our phones and immersed into a truly creative experience!


A caution for anyone wanting to visit, we spent a total of around 16 hours playing with Lego and it would have been longer if we could!


Everything is Awesome!




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