A Neige and Lumi Adventure – Chamonix, Glacier des Bossons

Woof! Hello! Our names are Neige and Lumi and we love going on great adventures with our humans Jim and Emma. We take them to all different places and have loads of other destinations we want to go to! We usually ride in Jim or Emma’s backpack because travelling is hard work and that way we get a better view of our adventures. We have a lot of places to tell you about and hope that we can secretly write them for you whilst Jim and Emma are busy at work.



The other day we did something really exciting, a trip to Chamonix in the French Alps to hike up to see a glacier. We knew that we were going somewhere when the night before Jim and Emma were both looking at a map and packing their day bags, no lie in needed. We went to sleep with one eye open waiting for the morning.

les bosson glacier 044290917

As the alarm went off we were there waiting for breakfast and off we went in the car. It was a 40 minute drive to Chamonix and all the leaves were changing colours on the trees. Over the viaduct and through the tunnels we turned off the road towards Les Bossons. Parking the car at the car park we jumped out and spotted the path straight away. Walking and hiking in France is great, they love signposts just as much as we do. 1h and 10 minutes to ‘Chalet du Glacier des Bossons’, I bet if we had run we could have made it in no time.


We walked up the path, it was really steep and we hoped it would not be too steep all the way up. The path went up and up and round and round bends, all the trees were starting to drop their leaves and the floor was now a rainbow of autumn colours. Sometimes the trees would break and we could see Chamonix below us, we were already pretty high up! We passed big boulders and climbed up steps, we even took a break because the humans were tired (not like us dogs!)


Our Humans talked about the chairlift which passed over our heads, it wasn’t open today but that’s good because we like to walk. The humans though it would be a lovely ride in the summer as you can have snacks at the top as there is a restaurant. (Snacks! We love snacks!) We walked some more just thinking of what snacks we might get at the refuge. We came to a sign and sat patiently until Jim and Emma appeared and spotted the sign. It said View point this way, so we bounded across the path knowing you could get a glimpse of the glacier.


The view was dog-mazing! The glacier was so big and shining blue in the sunlight. We wanted to go and play on the glacier but we didn’t think we could get much closer. The humans decided they would have some lunch, we weren’t very hungry. After refueling we took lots of pictures and Jim decided to follow a path above us to see if we could get even closer to the glacier. Emma even did some yoga but she doesn’t do the downward dog as good as us.

les bosson glacier 052290917copy.jpg

There were pieces of plane at the refuge which Emma looked up on the internet (much like our dog-net) and it was from a plane crash dating back to 1966. The plane was heading for Geneva and crashed into Mont Blanc, today they are still finding pieces and old belongings in the glacier. Jim returned to say we could take this path and continue climbing up for a better view of the glacier. We were already at 1425m and Chamonix looked miles away! The path we took next was very steep and through the trees, the path we would have taken had fallen away into the valley and was no longer there.


We loved walking through the trees, seeing all the little mushrooms growing on rocks and jumping over fallen trees until we reached a better path. This path would link up to one we saw earlier on, back near the refuge. It said another 1hour and 20minutes to the next refuge called Chalet des Pyramides, so we bounded on ahead.  The path started to get really rocky and we jumped over a lot of stepping stones. Jim likes to take pictures with his flashing black box, he takes a lot of pictures of us and today he was taking lots of pictures of the scenery.

les bosson glacier 004290917.jpg

We came to a section of path that went back down hill, there were big steps and lots of chains to hold onto, before climbing back uphill again. We were nearly at the next refuge as we could see it above us, we really hoped we could see the glacier again soon. Before we knew it we were at the refuge and so was the glacier. We were now above the glacier and so much nearer than before! We got to see the dog-mazing colours and the big pointy mountain which Emma said was the Aiguille Du Midi, Mont Blanc was hiding round the corner. We walked down a little path to get a better view of the glacier and so Jim could take so more photos.


We think that this walk is great fun because we love walking and don’t mind being tired from going uphill. But if you get tired easily or maybe all four of your legs don’t work it would be a tough journey.

les bosson glacier 123290917.jpg

After lying down for a bit it was time to head back down the mountain. The path was hard on our poor feet coming down so we hitched a ride in Emma’s backpack. It was great to see the car again after all that hard walking, we jumped in the back and headed home. That was a good day.

Woof x


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