How to get a job on a Ski Season (Seasonaire)

Hello Everyone!

We have a lot of people asking us “how do we do it?” or saying “that sounds great fun; I wish I could do it”. Well you can and here are some hints, tip, website links and important information to help you on your way.

Starting Out

The first thing you need is relevant skills, can you cook? Can you clean? Can you entertain a room of guests? Employers will be looking for relevant skills, if you have been a chef or worked in the hospitality industry for example. Even things like working in a supermarket on the checkouts is a great skill, it means you’ll have a serious tolerance for customers! If you’ve never worked with people before perhaps a job in a cafe or shop will help you get an idea of how to deal with customers, this would help you prepare yourself for being a Seasonaire.  A lot of companies will ask for at least a year of working in a customer face environment or within the catering/hospitality industry.

Your CV

Your CV is a chance to sell yourself to your future employers and is a very important part of getting a job no matter what it is. With the right and relevant information on your CV you have a better chance of an interview.

You should include relevant;

  • Jobs e.g. cafes, cooking, cleaning, hospitality, shops
  • Experience, for example; hosting dinner parties or cooking for groups
  • Qualifications, for example; food hygiene certificate

Finding Jobs

There are always a lot of jobs available for the winter season and finding the right one is important.

A good place to start is on Natives or Season Workers (Links to both are below). Both these websites are great for finding the correct job as they both have a search bar that you can select a country and job type.

It’s a great idea to sign up for the job alerts to both these websites. You can have specific alerts, for example “chalet host” “driver” etc. I have included the email sign up link for Natives below! Both these websites allow you to create a profile and upload your CV to your profile, making it easier to apply for jobs the click of a button. This also allows employers to contact you if they like the look of your profile. You can also go directly to companies to apply for jobs, especially if you already know which resort you’d like to work in.



Season Workers

Job Adverts

Our current employers have been so kind to let us use their job advert on Natives for this upcoming winter season 2017 as an example! Thank you Book4Alps 🙂


Book4Alps is a family run chalet company with 3 catered chalets in Les Carroz, Grand Massif. We are looking for chalet chefs and hosts who would like to join us for the winter season 2017/2018. You can apply as couples, friends or individual for these positions. 

We are looking for somebody, who loves to work with people and children, is trustworthy, has a good eye for detail and has a fun personality. As chalet chef, you must have cooking experience and must feel comfortable with your knife skills. As chalet host, you need to be bubbly, need to be able to communicate well and have a good understanding of housekeeping and service standards. 
We will offer 3 weeks of pre-season training and the training also continues throughout the season. 

Key responsibilities
Chalet Host
Being a warm and friendly host to the guests and dealing with any guest issues that may arise
Cook breakfast (6 days a week)
Clean chalet bedrooms and public areas
Set up afternoon cake station
Set tables and serve dinner with wine (6 days a week)
be in charge of the day to day running of your chalet
Laundry and ironing of bed linen and towels
Comply with all procedures & standards as set out by your manager
Provide resort information and ski area information to your guests
Help with snow clearing
Control the wine stocks including storing & serving wine at the correct temperature
Check your chalet equipment, fixtures and fittings
Assist other team members when needed

Chalet Chef
You need to have a passion for cooking and an understanding of HACCP
Cook in a team of 4 chefs in the morning
Prepare our chalet food for your guests in the evening
Cleaning of the kitchen
Preparation of food
Assist in purchasing food 
Help with snow clearing 
Getting bread from the bakery
Care and maintenance of chalet equipment, fixtures and fittings
Assist team members when needed

About you
An EU passport and a permanent UK National Insurance Number
Driver’s license
A passion for cooking, people and the mountains
A positive attitude and helpful manner
Be able to work under pressure
Willingness to learn and be open minded
A love of skiing/snowboarding and the mountains
An ability to work on own initiative and be a good team player
A good communicator with guests, manager and the team
Punctual and flexible 
Hospitality Experience of minimum 1 year

Please send your full CV and motivation letter. 
We are looking forward hearing from you. Here – Or check them out here

This advert gives you a wide amount of information about the job and the skills that are required of you. This will also help you decide if this is the job for you.


Perks and what’s included

As with most things in life ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!’ Every company offers something different but it is usually very similar.

  • Competitive salary, around £400
  • Flights and transfers to and from resort
  • Season Ski Hire
  • Season Lift Pass for your area
  • Insurance
  • Meals provided or meal money
  • Uniform
  • Friends and Family Discount

All of the above are the generic things that you are offered when taking a season, some companies will pay you less or more. Some companies will also offer extra perks, for example when we worked in Finland we had free access to the swimming pool, use of the fat bikes and pizza discounts! Its always best the check out what’s on offer before accepting a job. All good employers will go through all of this with you either in the interview and or it will be emailed to you prior to a job offer.

It’s that time again to mention my favorite TripAdvisor! It is a great way to check out companies before you work for them. I TripAdvisor search all the companies before we apply for them as it gives you a great insight on how well things are going for them and if there are any real issues. With everything, you will find especially for bigger companies there are bad comments or bad reviews in general. Its best to read as many as you can, most of the time the bad reviews are down to things that are out of the hosts hands but how the company gives a response or has dealt with it will give you a good idea on the company itself.

Some companies don’t have a bad review in sight; these tend to be smaller more staff friendly companies. It’s always a good idea to read these reviews too!

We also use Instagram to have a look at potential companies; staff that have worked at the potential companies, food, fun etc. If the staff look like they are enjoying themselves or are posting pictures from their chalets, of their guests and on behalf of the company, its usually means they are happy. Use the company as a hashtag and see what others are posting about them!


If this hasn’t made up your mind already about taking the leap and diving into a ski season then check out our previous post ‘Working to travel or travelling for fun,’ It’s full of information to help you get you ‘on board!’



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