Working to Travel or Travelling for Fun?

      Us Brits are lucky enough to be entitled to 28 days paid holiday a year, thinking of this its less than a month a year. A month passes so quickly when you’re just working five days a week and going to the pub on a Friday night. Planning your travels is important because if you don’t plan it right and in plenty of time you’ll spend it sat at home enjoying the British weather. This is when you need to decide if you’re travelling for fun or want to work to travel.  People always ask us, how do you do it? Simple, we work where we’d like to travel and travel for fun between seasons.

In this series of posts we will let you in to the secrets of working to travel (WTT) Tips, hints and guides to getting what you want and how to have great fun doing it.

Here’s how YOU can do it too!


  1. Working to Travel or Travelling for Fun?

The biggest decision really is WTT or TFF. Are you bored of working 9 to 5, watching others around you enjoying holidays or working abroad? It’s time to take the plunge!  Or are you happy with your job and want to visit a couple of places a year?

For us it was a no brainer, we were both working jobs we loved but wanted to travel more, so we applied for a job in Finland and haven’t looked back since.

Money is not really a big issue for people who want to WTT as most companies take you on and provide flights, food, board and a wage plus lots of other perks. You can also volunteer in a country you would like to visit but that’s a whole other post!

Money is an issue on the other hand if you want to TFF as you have to either save up first or come into some money to help you out. A lot of people can afford one holiday a year and spend most of their year saving for it. This is why planning is important.

  1. Deciding where you want to go.

Most of you will already know which places you want to visit but have you really researched them or broadened your search in other countries. There’s a whole world out there, and Thailand will always be there, (We’ve actually seen Elephants in France!) A lot of the time it is actually cheaper to book hotel, flights, activities etc all separately, I feel another blog is needed for this one too.

Researching is key to finding the best place to visit, knowing what you want to do is also key.

For us in the winter we want to snowboard so the French Alps is a no brainer! Always visit somewhere with a purpose, unless it’s to sit by the pool with a Pina Colada.


  1. Get in early!

Planning your work or holiday should always be done in advance; it gives you something to look forward to! If you’re thinking of planning your holiday you should take advantage of early bookings and lower prices, although for a cheap getaway it is sometimes better to get a last minute deal. For working you should apply for jobs as soon as they are published, all the best jobs are gone within the first couple of months if not less! Winter jobs usually get published around June and summer jobs can be published most of the year but usually around March.

  1. Finding things to do

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to go you should get straight on the case of finding things to do or interests in the area. Although most people already know what they want to do! For example everyone goes to Paris for the Eiffel Tower but if you walk off the main streets you find hidden gems that no one usually sees.

You’ll hear us mention Tripadvisor a lot but that’s because it’s great! It’s great for finding out information about places, reviews on companies and secrets!! We will write a whole blog on finding hidden gems and using Tripadvisor soon!

Whilst your there you should aim to explore as much as possible and use your time, be it a couple of months or a week. Dive into the culture, try the cheese and explore the area. There’s so much to see everywhere, you just have to go.

image2 (2)

  1. Pros and Cons

There are plenty of Pros and Cons to WTT and a lot of these a down to employers or your location. Finding a good job in a good location is key to balancing out the cons to the pros.


  • Visiting different places
  • Snow or Sunshine
  • Learning; language, new skills etc
  • Networking
  • Accommodation being provided
  • Partying


  • Low Wages
  • Long Hours
  • Hard Work
  • Missing home and family events
  • Accommodation Conditions
  • Occasional bad Guests

We hope this was a bit of information to help if you are thinking of travelling soon. In the upcoming posts we will go into more details and help you book those flights or get that job!

In our next post we will talk about getting a job as a seasonaire, perks, pay and job links!


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